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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top Spin 4 (8.3/10)

To read the official full length review follow the link here: Top Spin 4

In it's finest form, tennis can be more a chess match than a slug-fest. When two equally impressive athletes compete in a duel of wills to see who can outwit whom it becomes a "thinking man's" game with strategy trumping strength. It's been two years since we last stepped onto center court, and 2K Sports has spent a lot of that time revamping their previous installment. They have done a wonderful job capturing the passion and skill of tennis, but it's not without its faults (sorry for the bad pun).

Top Spin 4 has been a lesson in ambivalence for me. I liked it, but couldn't overlook some of it's flaws. But the truth is Top Spin 4 is probably the best tennis game that's been made to date. It's fun to play, and pretty satisfying to blast winners and watch your opponent throw up his (or her) hands in frustration. Tennis fans who are also gamers don't need any convincing, but 2K has done an admirable job of making the fundamentals of the sport more accessible to the casual fan. It may even drive a few people to pick up a racquet and... dare I say it... go outside.  For those of us with bum shoulders (from playing too much bloody tennis apparently), this is a perfectly viable alternative.

If you want to read more of my specific thoughts about the game, follow the link to read the full length review at Game Over Online!


Score = 8.3 / 10

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