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Thursday, September 27, 2012

FIFA 13 (9.1/10)

To read the official full length review follow the link here: FIFA 13.

As a dyed-in-the-wool soccer fanatic, I sometimes find it difficult to temper my expectations when it comes to both my real life teams and my virtual ones. I fervently look forward to the start of the new Premier League season in hopes that my beloved Liverpool will finally regain their form (fat chance, as if the beginning of this season could have gone any worse!), but also because it heralds the newest rendition of EA Sports FIFA series. The last couple of years have been a boon for the franchise, taking some big chances but ultimately improving the end product exponentially. FIFA 13 doesn't make the drastic changes to the formula we have seen recently, but the subtle tweaks make for a more accessible footballing experience for casual fans as well as increased depth and new play modes for diehards like yours truly.

On the one hand, there are some laudable improvements over last year's stellar entry. The new first touch mechanic can be a useful tool in the hands of skilled players. The more intuitive attacking AI makes the game flow much more smoothly from end to end. I really feel like it makes the game easier for newcomers and casual fans alike. Deeper career modes and a host of new online options give veterans a lot to be excited about as well. But there are still issues that need to be addressed such as long passing, crossing, and smoother presentation and commentary. However, these are minor concerns in the face of what is an overall stellar product. If you're a fan of the beautiful game then FIFA 13 is a must buy, once again!

If you want to read more of my specific thoughts about the game, follow the link to read the full length review at Game Over Online!  


Score = 9.1 / 10

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