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Monday, July 4, 2011

Dungeon Siege III (7.3/10)

To read the official full length review follow the link here: Dungeon Siege III.

Recently, I’ve found myself
with an overabundance of free time and some friends have helped fill the void by getting me thoroughly addicted to tabletop role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. It’s interesting... you won’t look at RPG’s the same way again. The reason is simply because by rolling the dice and doing the math, you work out (via the algorithms that were created over 40 years ago) the damage you cause based on both your ratings and that of the enemy. Video games, of course, do this for you in a much faster digital environment. Sadly, it’s sort of like meeting the man behind the curtain... it takes away some of the mystic.

So what fortuitous circumstances are these that I find myself reviewing Dungeon Siege III, a perfect example of what I’m talking about! I always knew at a basic level what all the statistics meant in games like these, but things like Will, Stamina, Agility, and Critical now have new significance.

Dungeon Siege III doesn't reinvent the wheel by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're into these sorts of D&D style, loot collecting, hack and slashers, then it's definitely worth a look. For me though, I ended up disappointed. While the game can be fun, the surprising linearity, terrible camera (both online and off), uninteresting (and seemingly uninterested) characters, and the lack of a New Game + mode made this dungeon crawler feel like a lost opportunity.

If you want to read more of my specific thoughts about the game, follow the link to read the full length review at Game Over Online! 


Score = 7.3 / 10

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